AML: algebraic modeling system

API: application programming interface

CRS: coordinate reference system

CSV: comma-separated values

DD: demand-driven (DDA now the preferred term)

DDA: demand-driven analysis

EPA: Environmental Protection Agency

EPANET: a water network modeling tool, see Rossman [21] and Rossman et al. [20]

GIS: geographic information system

HDF: Hierarchical Data Format

IDE: integrated development environment

INP file: a text input file for EPANET

I/O: input and output

JSON: JavaScript Object Notation

PDA: pressure-driven analysis

PDD: pressure dependent demand (PDA now the preferred term)

SCADA: supervisory control And data acquisition

SI: International System of Units

SQL: Structured Query Language

US: United States

UTM: Universal Transverse Mercator

WNTR: Water Network Tool for Resilience