module wntr.metrics.economic

pump_energy(flowrate, head, wn)[source]#

Compute the pump energy over time.

The computation uses pump flow rate, node head (used to compute headloss at each pump), and pump efficiency. Pump efficiency is defined in wn.options.energy.global_efficiency. Pump efficiency curves are currently not supported.

wn.options.energy.global_efficiency = 75 # This means 75% or 0.75

  • flowrate (pandas DataFrame) – A pandas DataFrame containing pump flowrates (index = times, columns = pump names).

  • head (pandas DataFrame) – A pandas DataFrame containing node head (index = times, columns = node names).

  • wn (wntr WaterNetworkModel) – Water network model. The water network model is needed to define energy efficiency.

Return type:

A DataFrame that contains pump energy in J (index = times, columns = pump names).