module wntr.sim.epanet

class EpanetSimulator[source]#

Bases: WaterNetworkSimulator

Fast EPANET simulator class.

Use the EPANET DLL to run an INP file as-is, and read the results from the binary output file. Multiple water quality simulations are still possible using the WQ keyword in the run_sim function. Hydraulics will be stored and saved to a file. This file will not be deleted by default, nor will any binary files be deleted.

The reason this is considered a “fast” simulator is due to the fact that there is no looping within Python. The “ENsolveH” and “ENsolveQ” toolkit functions are used instead.


WNTR now includes access to both the EPANET 2.0.12 and EPANET 2.2 toolkit libraries. By default, version 2.2 will be used.

  • wn (WaterNetworkModel) – Water network model

  • reader (wntr.epanet.io.BinFile derived object) – Defaults to None, which will create a new wntr.epanet.io.BinFile object with the results_types specified as an init option. Otherwise, a fully

  • result_types (dict) – Defaults to None, or all results. Otherwise, is a keyword dictionary to pass to the reader to specify what results should be saved.

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__init__(wn, reader=None, result_types=None)[source]#
run_sim(file_prefix='temp', save_hyd=False, use_hyd=False, hydfile=None, version=2.2, convergence_error=False)[source]#

Run the EPANET simulator.

Runs the EPANET simulator through the compiled toolkit DLL. Can use/save hydraulics to allow for separate WQ runs.


By default, WNTR now uses the EPANET 2.2 toolkit as the engine for the EpanetSimulator. To force usage of the older EPANET 2.0 toolkit, use the version command line option. Note that if the demand_model option is set to PDD, then a warning will be issued, as EPANET 2.0 does not support such analysis.

  • file_prefix (str) – Default prefix is “temp”. All files (.inp, .bin/.out, .hyd, .rpt) use this prefix

  • use_hyd (bool) – Will load hydraulics from file_prefix + '.hyd' or from file specified in hydfile_name

  • save_hyd (bool) – Will save hydraulics to file_prefix + '.hyd' or to file specified in hydfile_name

  • hydfile (str) – Optionally specify a filename for the hydraulics file other than the file_prefix

  • version (float, {2.0, 2.2}) – Optionally change the version of the EPANET toolkit libraries. Valid choices are either 2.2 (the default if no argument provided) or 2.0.

  • convergence_error (bool (optional)) – If convergence_error is True, an error will be raised if the simulation does not converge. If convergence_error is False, partial results are returned, a warning will be issued, and results.error_code will be set to 0 if the simulation does not converge. Default = False.