class EnergyOptions[source]#

Bases: _OptionsBase

Options related to energy calculations. From the EPANET “[ENERGY]” settings.

  • global_price (float) – Global average cost per Joule, by default 0.

  • global_pattern (str) – ID label of time pattern describing how energy price varies with time, by default None.

  • global_efficiency (float) – Global pump efficiency as percent; i.e., 75.0 means 75%, by default None.

  • demand_charge (float) – Added cost per maximum kW usage during the simulation period, by default None.

__init__(global_price=0, global_pattern=None, global_efficiency=None, demand_charge=None)[source]#
classmethod factory(val)#

Create an options object based on passing in an instance of the object, a dict, or a tuple