module wntr.network.options

class Options[source]#

Bases: _OptionsBase

Water network model options class.

These options mimic options in EPANET. The user attribute is a generic python class object that allows for dynamically created attributes that are user specific.

  • time (TimeOptions) – Contains all timing options for the scenarios

  • hydraulic (HydraulicOptions) – Contains hydraulic solver parameters

  • reaction (ReactionOptions) – Contains chemical reaction parameters

  • quality (QualityOptions) – Contains water quality simulation options and source definitions

  • energy (EnergyOptions) – Contains parameters for energy calculations

  • report (ReportOptions) – Contains options for how for format and save report

  • graphics (GraphicsOptions) – Contains EPANET graphics and background options and also the filename for external node coordinates, if used

  • user (dict) – An empty dictionary that allows for user specified options

__init__(time=None, hydraulic=None, report=None, quality=None, reaction=None, energy=None, graphics=None, user=None)[source]#
classmethod factory(val)#

Create an options object based on passing in an instance of the object, a dict, or a tuple


Dictionary representation of the options