class ReactionOptions[source]#

Bases: _OptionsBase

Options related to water quality reactions. From the EPANET “[REACTIONS]” options.

  • bulk_order (float) – Order of reaction occurring in the bulk fluid, by default 1.0.

  • wall_order (float) – Order of reaction occurring at the pipe wall; must be either 0 or 1, by default 1.0.

  • tank_order (float) – Order of reaction occurring in the tanks, by default 1.0.

  • bulk_coeff (float) – Global reaction coefficient for bulk fluid and tanks, by default 0.0.

  • wall_coeff (float) – Global reaction coefficient for pipe walls, by default 0.0.

  • limiting_potential (float) – Specifies that reaction rates are proportional to the difference between the current concentration and some limiting potential value, by default None (off).

  • roughness_correl (float) – Makes all default pipe wall reaction coefficients related to pipe roughness, according to functions as defined in EPANET, by default None (off).


Remember to use positive numbers for growth reaction coefficients and negative numbers for decay coefficients. The time units for all reaction coefficients are in “per-second” and converted to/from EPANET units during I/O.

__init__(bulk_order=1.0, wall_order=1.0, tank_order=1.0, bulk_coeff=0.0, wall_coeff=0.0, limiting_potential=None, roughness_correl=None)[source]#
classmethod factory(val)#

Create an options object based on passing in an instance of the object, a dict, or a tuple