module wntr.network.options

class QualityOptions[source]#

Bases: _OptionsBase

Options related to water quality modeling. These options come from the “[OPTIONS]” section of an EPANET INP file.

  • parameter (str) – Type of water quality analysis. Options are “NONE”, “CHEMICAL”, “AGE”, and “TRACE”, by default None.

  • trace_node (str) – Trace node name if quality == "TRACE", by default None.

  • chemical (str) – Chemical name for “CHEMICAL” analysis, by default “CHEMICAL” if appropriate.

  • diffusivity (float) – Molecular diffusivity of the chemical, by default 1.0.

  • tolerance (float) – Water quality solver tolerance, by default 0.01.

  • inpfile_units (str) – Units for quality analysis if the parameter is set to CHEMICAL. This is only relevant for the INP file. This value must be either “mg/L” (default) or “ug/L” (miligrams or micrograms per liter). Internal WNTR units are always SI units (kg/m3).

__init__(parameter='NONE', trace_node=None, chemical_name='CHEMICAL', diffusivity=1.0, tolerance=0.01, inpfile_units='mg/L')[source]#
classmethod factory(val)#

Create an options object based on passing in an instance of the object, a dict, or a tuple